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Azure DevOps Course Online For Free With Certificate

These free online courses are created by experts and trusted by thousands of developers. You will then study the difference between continuous deployment and release management. There are three stages of deployment namely Development, Staging, and Production.

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You will also learn how to integrate, build, and test processes in your CI/CD pipeline using Mocha and AWS CodeBuild. To start this course you must know how to use Git and have experience with programming, and some experience in Linux could help in learning. Learn how DevOps can bring significant benefits to a business with this free software development course. The course provider brings proven experience in navigating Azure DevOps projects. As a result, learners can gain from practical guidance and advice that has worked for some of the world’s largest product companies. Professionals with experience in technical roles such as solution architects, testers, and integration experts can take this course. School of DevOps is a global provider of DevOps training with the most comprehensive, job-oriented, certification-driven training programs.

DevOps Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Now (Training Course)

Microsoft offers the Microsoft-certified DevOps Engineer Expert certification, which requires extensive preparation and a deep understanding of the domain. For example, candidates must know about DevOps instrumentation, source control, and CI/CD, among other things. The best Azure DevOps certification courses will help you prepare for this exam.

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It has offered free online courses with certificates to 6 Million+ learners from 170+ countries. Apart from the free courses, it provides video content and live sessions with industry experts as well.

About your Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification Training

The course will help you devops fundamentals how time-to-market works and business revenue gets benefits by implementing DevOps, and CI, and CD. They use cartoons, animations, and powerful illustrations that cover almost 90% of the course content to explain things interactively. This certification program features hand-on labs through Qwiklabs platform. It will provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained through the video lectures. Get a shareable certification after course completion and learn according to your schedule. It also offers technical mentor support and career services for the students of this course.

  • Yes, it was a prerequisite for the use of Azure test programs in my company.
  • In addition to these technical skills, DevOps engineers can benefit from soft skills.
  • Azure Artifacts enables teams to share npm, Maven, and NuGet packages from both private and public sources and include package sharing in their workflows.
  • Practice and learn and get a certification to have a bright DevOps career.

You start with the fundamentals of cloud computing, computer power, security, networking, messaging, and management services. Build CI/CD pipelines, operationalize microservices at scale using Kubernetes, among other crucial topics. The exam will show you are capable of developing a DevOps strategy, implementing development processes, dependency management, and continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) by passing it. This Azure DevOps Certification in Canada will not only show your knowledge of DevOps but also your ability to use Agile tools and services such as third-party tools that are supported by Microsoft Azure. Known for its courses targeting business and technical professionals alike, Helderberg Learning trains learners in the latest skills to turbocharge their careers. The course will build skills from the ground up, creating a solid foundation of DevOps skills within the Azure ecosystem.

Who will provide a Microsoft Azure DevOps Certificate?

Well-known DevOps practitioners James Wickett and Ernest Mueller, contribute towards this course. Focusing on the core value of culture, automation, measurement, and sharing provides an overview of the DevOps movement. After qualifying for the exam, the candidate would be allowed to operate system infrastructure using Puppet. The candidate can learn modules like data separation and external data sources.

  • This way, you can be placed on top companies like Sony, Ericsson, DCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, and Cisco.
  • There’s no rigid set of prerequisites for gaining a DevOps certification.
  • Azure DevOps is a convenient solution that offers unmatched technical potential for growth, and its implementation is one of the best ways to oversee teams working on a variety of projects.
  • All trainers at Intellipaat have 12+ years of relevant industry experience, and they have been actively working as consultants in the same domain, which has made them subject matter experts.

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